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Jacob Cook

Microsoft Office Toolkit V2.4 BETA 4-Gh0st Full Version [PORTABLE]

I was recently asked to review Studio for Wijmo MVC by Component One and, overall, I am impressed. There are 2 major components of this. The first is Wijmo Complete which is a collection of over 30 UI widgets (very similar to jQuery UI ). The second is Wijmo Scaffolding for MVC which builds upon the scaffolding that was released as part of the MVC 3 Tools Update (note: is does not build on top of powershell-based MVC Scaffolding which Microsoft released earlier this year).

Microsoft Office Toolkit v2.4 BETA 4-Gh0st full version

Microsoft to reorganize for the cloud Microsoft is reportedly planning a reorganization in its sales department to better focus on its cloud initiatives. According to a Bloomberg report, the company wants to improve its cloud software sales, and the restructuring could result in the loss of jobs for some employees. The changes will impact marketing efforts and could result in smaller personnel changes.

Dont worry, there is still plenty of work to be done in making Android phones less disposable. Qualcomm, despite its ambitions, does not power every notable Android smartphone. Samsung makes its own Exynos, Huawei has HiSilicon, and MediaTek powers many budget-minded devices. And while Google and Qualcomm will provide the core architecture updates needed to upgrade a phone to the next OS, the manufacturer of the phone has to cover the rest of the distance to a full upgrade. Googles Project Treble and Project Mainline should have reduced the amount of lift needed for phone makers to upgrade their devices. Certainly, most Android phone makers have nowhere to go but up.


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