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Fast Food Manager Free Download (v1.06) _HOT_

There are two types of food cost to keep in mind: Per plate food cost, and overall food cost. Restaurant managers should know how to figure both as each number is useful in different settings. Per plate food cost is the best foundation to set your menu pricing. Overall food cost gives you a more accurate idea of your overall profit margins.

Fast Food Manager Free Download (v1.06)


If all this restaurant sells are burger baskets, and they are priced with the target food cost in mind, a restaurant manager can feel secure that, under normal operating conditions, costs will be in line. They can forecast the number of orders on hand easily based on the inventory as well as spot waste or theft issues.

Daily operational targets for labor cost and food cost usually come from owners and managers creating a forecast of expected sales. Every restaurant is different, so you may determine that your individual targets are different. These numbers are, essentially, what percentage of your total revenue can you afford to spend on supplies and labor and still turn a profit.

Suppose your food costs are in line, but your labor costs are consistently off target. On the flip side, your labor standards are solid, but your food cost is through the roof. There are some specific steps a restaurant manager can take to have an impact on labor cost or food cost, specifically.

The fastest-growing style of restaurant is the quick service restaurant (QSR) model, where customers order at the counter, pay in full, then wait for their food. In some cases, QSR restaurants give customers a number to take to a table and have service staff to run the food to them.

Besides increasing sales, the most impactful thing a restaurant manager can do to control food and beverage costs is to manage inventory meticulously. A well-integrated POS system like Revel Systems Restaurant POS lets restaurant managers track menu costs by recipe, even to the ingredient level. It can also show you real-time running sales totals, orders, and per-dish costs with the click of a button.

Here is a downloadable checklist of some key things a restaurant manager should check every day. You can update your local health codes and personal SOPs where necessary. Managers usually find that after several weeks of following a checklist like this, the checks become like a reflex.

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