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Sebastian Kelly
Sebastian Kelly

IDM UltraFinder Professional (x86 X64) Portable [2021]

ultrafinder professional searches not only your own folders but also those on external hard drives, network shares, ftp servers, newsgroups and email. with ultrafinder, you can quickly search for email from a mailbox, a newsgroup, files from an email, and so much more. ultrafinder will also give you the ability to filter your results so you can easily target specific file types, words, words in files, and more.

IDM UltraFinder Professional (x86 x64) Portable


ultrafinder professional is a highly useful tool because it allows you to search and find files and folders by their content, their date or by keywords. ultrafinder professional searches your own hard disk and external drives, network shares and ftp servers. you can also search the web. with ultrafinder, you can search your email quickly and easily. through a series of commands, you can even search through your email and ftp server for just the files you want to see. ultrafinder comes with a variety of different search settings and features to allow you to quickly find files.

all in all i think these six applications still provide good value for money and it is great to see the idm software company still providing free and affordable software solutions. ultraftp for example costs $199 which is a very attractive price. it is the youngest of the six idm tools and it is still in a development stage.

and for you ultracomparator users who are not sure what to use now. i would recommend you give a spin to inidmcompare which is the companion to ultracomparator. it has the same great interface and, at least on the main page, it offers a free trial for 30 days!


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