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Tarantula Keeper's Guide, The Book Pdf [UPDATED]

Enthusiasts who seek to have their tarantula photos used in books and other publications are encouraged to not concentrate exclusively on taking glorious portrait shots of their pets. Very few of these are ever used. Generally, most such photos only end up filling the occasional blank page at chapter endings, and such photos are available everywhere.Instead, aspiring arachnid photographers should concentrate their efforts on documenting tarantulas' bizarre anatomy, physiology, habitats, habits, and husbandry. Don't concentrate on taking photos OF your tarantula. Concentrate on taking photos ABOUT your tarantula.

Tarantula Keeper's Guide, The book pdf

The solution was certainly not new or unique, but it did produce fantastic results. The authors invited selected enthusiasts who had published their photographic handiwork on the Internet to contribute some of their best illustrations for TKG3. The result is an assemblage of illustrations that is far and away the best that has ever been published in a tarantula book both because of the quality of the photography and because of the information imparted. We heartily salute the photo contributors. You did great, people!

And for the rest of you: Do not hesitate to publish your photos on the 'Net. Now that TKG3 has blazed this new territory, no doubt other tarantula books will also adopt the practice of tapping that great storehouse. If TKG4 (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) doesn't pick yours, perhaps a new generation of books by other authors will. In the words of TKG2, "Publish! Publish! Publish!"

If you are a tarantula hobbyist who enjoys learning about tarantulas and their appropriate husbandry then this is a great book to check out. It is written by Stanley Schultz and Marguerite Schultz and includes 384 pages of detailed information, along with detailed care for each species of tarantula commonly kept as pets.


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