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[S4E3] Upgrades

The usually tough and outspoken Susie has mellowed down considerably as her career trajectory began moving in the upward direction. While she still struggles to juggle between managing her ever-demanding client Midge and trying to make some money, Susie's personal life improved for the better, thanks to her new roommate Jackie (Brian Tarantina). While she constantly complained about how annoying and irritating having Jackie around her cramped apartment, Susie couldn't deny the upgrades and the countless little things that he did around their apartment to make it more homely and liveable. While Susie was caught up with Midge's career drama, Jackie quietly passed away due to a stroke. When Jackie's sister Nancy informs the sad news of his demise to Susie, she was understandably shocked.

[S4E3] Upgrades

This home offers all the sought after features of our Laurel Reverse plan, but moves the fireplace to the interior great room wall and creates a full wall windows in the back! The home offers added space with 2 feet of width expansion in the kitchen, and vaulted dining room. The covered deck/patio is also 2 feet deeper. Pictures may show upgrades and plan changes; consult Builder for details. 041b061a72


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