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Molecular Quantum Mechanics. Gaussian wavefunction. Nuclear Quantum Mechanics. Protonic excitation energy; Electronic excitation energy. Population numbers in rotational and vibrational ground state. Deuterium isotope effects. Equations of motion of an electron in an electric field; Hamiltonian, Heisenberg equations of motion, canonical quantisation; Uncertainty principle; Time-energy correlation; angular momentum operators; time-independent and time-dependent Schrodinger equation. The Pauli exclusion principle; The zero mode principle; Time-independent and time-dependent Schrodinger equation; N.F.D.R.; Eigenstates; (P, Q)-states; n (p,q)>; Zernike polynomial; slits; wave-packets; diffraction grating; wave-function slits and wave-function interference; Information entropy; Principle of the least action; Feynman paths and paths; Planck energy; Planck equation; basic quantum concepts of energy and matter; Cause and effect; Interaction and non-interaction; One dimensional potentials; Resonance; Doubly degenerate bound state; 2-level, 2-state system; Dipole moment and dipole matrix elements; Harmonics; Atomic physics; Dielectric anisotropy; Cellular envelope; Exotic states; Multiplet structure; X-ray absorption edge; L-edge; M-edge; K-edge; R-edge; E.M.F.; Compton effect; Energy levels; Electron spin. Natural orbitals; Molecular orbitals; Electron spin and spin orbit coupling; Interaction between electronic orbitals; Intermolecular interactions; Anharmonic oscillator; Construction of coupled states; Hartree-Fock; Average Hamiltonian; Expansion in internal molecular orbitals; Koopmans theorem.

Gaussian 09 v7.0 Rev A.02.torrent


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