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Kaiji Season 1 720p 16

After the analyses, the fight animation is shown, portraying the combatants fighting to the death. The animation shows off how the combatants' various abilities and skills would interact with each other, and in later seasons, includes original dialogue provided by voice actors as well as an original soundtrack. The animation is not meant to completely accurately portray how a fight between the combatants would go, but instead exists mainly for entertainment and to display the verdict. The animation style varies with each episode, but is most commonly 2D sprite animation and occasionally 3D computer animation. The fights are also more uncommonly animated with hand-drawn animation, or even portrayed in live action.

kaiji season 1 720p 16

Starting with Season 7, Death Battles are released biweekly. The schedule is similar to the old one with previews of the combatants' analysis being released the Monday and Wednesday before the episode is released, with the episode itself releasing the following Sunday for First Members and on Monday for everyone. In the middle of the season, the show will generally take a short break, with DBX or Desk of DEATH BATTLE taking its place for an unspecified amount of weeks before Death Battle's return.

Winter 2023 is well underway by this point, and it has been a decent season so far. Collectively, the lineup has struggled to follow up the stacked Fall 2022 roster; however, individually, most of the airing series are enjoyable in their own right. HIDIVE has a solid selection of Winter 2023 series, but which ones are the cream of the crop?

The Eminence in Shadow has, at times, played out like a parody of isekai tropes, all the while still taking its world and characters seriously. The series has been more than happy to switch genres as it chronicles Cid's childhood and adolescence. Impressively, this scattershot approach to tone and storytelling paid off throughout the Fall 2022 season. While not a typical Winter anime, The Eminence in Shadow will continue as it completes a 20-episode cour.

HIDIVE's simulcast selection does not really highlight the sheer quantity of fantasy anime airing during the current season. Farming Life in Another World might not be the genre's best current representative, but it has more than justified its existence. As the title indicates, this is an isekai anime that focuses on farming. After meeting his end, Hiraku asks a deity to reincarnate him into a peaceful life revolving around the eponymous activity. With his wish granted, Hiraku starts setting up a ranch in the middle of a fantastical forest, an arduous process made manageable through a magical item that allows the protagonist to farm easily.

Although Minato is generally presented as the protagonist, all the main characters are given their time in the spotlight. Kyoto Animation's animation is unsurprisingly fantastic, and Tsurune easily ranks among the season's prettiest shows.

An all-time classic, Lupin the 3rd has been a staple of the anime scene since the early '70s. Over the decades, Arsene Lupin III and his ragtag crew have pulled off all sorts of legendary heists, driving Zenigata up the wall in the process. HIDIVE does not have all the franchise's seasons, but the content it does have is pretty good:

The Big O is an extremely cool late-'90s, early 2000s anime that basically combines Batman and giant robots. It is a glorious and bombastic neo-noir action anime that has a western-style to it. The anime is not readily available on most platforms, so mecha fans yearning to watch this cult classic's first season need to check out HIDIVE.

Unfortunately, The Big O season 2 is not available on HIDIVE or any other legal streaming service. While that is a shame since the anime does not miss a beat throughout its final 13 episodes, season 1 is still worth streaming on its own.

The Summer 2022 season was not lacking in sequels, with The Devil is a Part-Timer!, Overlord, Rent-a-Girlfriend, and Classroom of the Elite all airing highly anticipated follow-ups. While those shows are not on HIDIVE, the service has a couple of anime that compare favorably with those heavyweights. Made in Abyss: The Golden City of the Scorching Sun was arguably the best anime of Summer 2022.

The entire anime franchise is available on HIDIVE, including 2020's Made in Abyss: Dawn of the Deep Souls movie, which is a must-watch prior to starting season 2. Dark, harrowing, and fantastical, Kinema Citrus' series has stellar animation, endearing (or terrifying) characters, and a wonderful sense of mystery.

Love triangles are not always executed well, but Chihayafuru finds a way to fan the flames without making any of the characters unlikable or pathetic. All three seasons are available on HIDIVE, and the show maintains a high standard throughout its entire run.

Kaiji is a masterpiece of suspense, and Madhouse's anime is fantastic in both seasons. Each series is split into different arcs, all of which stand on their own while simultaneously building upon Kaiji's character and this universe's rules.

HIDIVE only has season 1 of The Promised Neverland, so fans will need to go elsewhere to watch the polarizing sequel. Although it ends on something of a cliffhanger, season 1 is nevertheless a satisfying solo sit, one that makes expert use of its confined setting to tell a suspenseful and unpredictable story.


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