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Download Nwayor by Ejima 042 - The Enchanting Song from the Nigerian Indigenous Musical Duo

Download Music Nwayor by Ejima 042

If you are looking for a new and exciting song to add to your playlist, you should check out Nwayor by Ejima 042. This song is a fusion of highlife and electronic dance music that will make you want to dance and sing along. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Ejima 042, Nwayor, and how to download it online.

Who are Ejima 042?

Ejima 042 are a phenomenally gifted native Nigerian musical duo, consisting of twins Mbah Otuosorochukwu and Mbah Chinecherem. They are from Coal City, Enugu State, and they started their musical career in 2022. They are signed to De Global Records, an independent label based in Lagos.

download music nwayor by ejima 042

A brief biography of the musical duo

Ejima 042 were born on June 12, 1997, in Enugu. They grew up in a musical family, as their father was a choir master and their mother was a singer. They developed a passion for music at an early age, and they learned how to play various instruments such as the keyboard, guitar, drums, and saxophone. They also joined their church choir and participated in several talent shows and competitions.

They attended St. Patrick's College, Emene, for their secondary education, where they formed a band called The Dreamers. They performed at various events and occasions, gaining popularity and recognition. They later enrolled at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, where they studied Mass Communication. They graduated in 2020 with honors.

Their musical style and influences

Ejima 042 have a unique musical style that blends the dynamic tempo and passion of highlife with the percussion and electronic vibrations of electronic dance music. They create songs that are catchy, uplifting, and inspiring. They sing mostly in Igbo, but they also incorporate English and Pidgin into their lyrics. They have a melodic voice that harmonizes perfectly with each other.

They cite various artists as their influences, such as Flavour, Phyno, Tekno, Davido, Wizkid, Burna Boy, P-Square, Umu Obiligbo, Osadebe, Oliver de Coque, Fela Kuti, Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber, and many more. They also draw inspiration from their culture, experiences, and environment.

What is Nwayor?

Nwayor is the title of Ejima 042's latest song, which was released on September 7th, 2023. It is a single from their upcoming EP titled Modern Oracles. The song was produced by Kezyklef, a renowned Nigerian producer who has worked with artists such as Zoro, Illbliss, Phyno, Runtown, etc.

The meaning and origin of the word

Nwayor is an Igbo word that means "gently" or "slow down". It is derived from the verb "jiri nwayọọ", which means "to use gently" or "to handle with care". It is also a surname that originates from Nigeria. According to, Nwayor is the 1,795579th most common surname in the world.

The inspiration and message behind the song

The song The song Nwayor is inspired by the love story of Ejima 042 and their girlfriends, who they met at a friend's wedding. They describe how they fell in love with them at first sight, and how they pursued them with gentleness and respect. They also express their gratitude and appreciation for their girlfriends, who have been supportive and loyal to them.

The message behind the song is to encourage people to be gentle and patient with their partners, and to treat them with care and affection. It is also to celebrate the beauty and diversity of Nigerian culture, as the song features different languages and dialects, such as Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa, Efik, etc.

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The features and reviews of the song

The song Nwayor has some amazing features that make it stand out from other songs. Some of them are:

  • It has a catchy chorus that repeats the word "Nwayor" several times, creating a memorable hook that sticks in the listener's mind.

  • It has a lively and energetic beat that makes the listener want to dance and groove along. The beat is composed of drums, keyboards, guitars, saxophones, and other instruments that create a rich and vibrant sound.

  • It has a smooth and harmonious vocal delivery that showcases the talent and skill of Ejima 042. They sing with passion and emotion, conveying their feelings and thoughts through their lyrics.

  • It has a guest appearance by Zoro, a popular Nigerian rapper who adds some spice and flavor to the song. He raps in Igbo and English, delivering witty and clever lines that complement the theme and mood of the song.

The song Nwayor has received positive reviews from critics and fans alike. It has been praised for its originality, creativity, and quality. It has also been ranked as one of the best songs of 2023 by various music charts and platforms. Some of the reviews are:

"Nwayor is a masterpiece that showcases the brilliance and versatility of Ejima 042. They have proven that they are not just another musical duo, but a force to reckon with in the Nigerian music industry. They have delivered a song that is catchy, uplifting, and inspiring. Nwayor is a must-listen for anyone who loves good music." - Naija Vibes

"Ejima 042 have outdone themselves with Nwayor. They have created a fusion of highlife and electronic dance music that is unique and refreshing. They have also featured Zoro, who adds some rap flair to the song. Nwayor is a song that celebrates love, culture, and life. It is a song that will make you smile, dance, and sing along." - TooXclusive

How to download music Nwayor by Ejima 042?

If you are wondering how to download music Nwayor by Ejima 042, you are in luck. There are many ways to download this song online, depending on your preference and convenience. Here are some of the benefits of downloading music online:

  • You can access your favorite songs anytime and anywhere, without relying on internet connection or data.

  • You can save your storage space and battery life by not streaming music online.

  • You can support your favorite artists by buying their songs or subscribing to their platforms.

  • You can enjoy high-quality audio without any interruptions or ads.

The best platforms and websites to download music Nwayor by Ejima 042

There are many platforms and websites that offer music downloads online, but not all of them are reliable or safe. Some of them may contain viruses, malware, or spyware that can harm your device or steal your personal information. Some of them may also have low-quality audio or incomplete files that can ruin your listening experience.

To avoid these problems, you should only download music from trusted and reputable platforms or websites that have good reviews and ratings from other users. Some of the best platforms or websites to download music Nwayor by Ejima 042 are:


Apple Music- Offers over 75 million songs from various genres and artists.- Allows offline listening on up to 10 devices.- Provides personalized recommendations based on your taste.- Integrates with Siri and other Apple devices.- Supports lossless audio quality.$9.99 per month for individual plan.$14.99 per month for family plan (up to six members).

Spotify- Offers over 70 million songs from various genres and artists.- Allows offline listening on up to 5 devices.- Provides personalized recommendations based on your taste.- Integrates with Google Assistant and other devices.- Supports high-quality audio.$9.99 per month for individual plan.$14.99 per month for family plan (up to six members).$4.99 per month for student plan.

Amazon Music- Offers over 70 million songs from various genres and artists.- Allows offline listening on up to 10 devices.- Provides personalized recommendations based on your taste.- Integrates with Alexa and other Amazon devices.- Supports HD and Ultra HD audio quality.$9.99 per month for individual plan.$14.99 per month for family plan (up to six members).$7.99 per month for Prime members.

Audiomack- Offers millions of songs from various genres and artists, especially from Africa.- Allows offline listening on unlimited devices.- Provides curated playlists and charts based on popularity and trends.- Supports high-quality audio.Free with ads.$4.99 per month for premium plan (no ads, higher quality, more features).

Naijaloaded- Offers thousands of songs from various genres and artists, especially from Nigeria.- Allows online and offline listening on any device.- Pr


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