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so, with a rock 'n' roll band, that somehow hews to fifties and sixties music, his cover of the song 'edelweiss' was the first song the band ever recorded. so it was that in early april 1987, amy langford, a female fan, heard the band and wrote to them. her letter, written in german (she would later change it to english for fear of being deported as a potential terrorist), started the ball rolling. in early october, at a shop in germany, she found a first edition of the group's eponymous debut album. the four band members got a copy that day, and when they heard 'edelweiss', they sent in a recording of the original.

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the results demonstrate that edge slots no longer present a performance limitation on a critical element of such micro systems as on-chip electronics, magnetic data storage devices or integrated interconnects.

last year we told you that a research boat had observed a giant squid moving through the bight of a single strand of kelp over a body of water in the gulf of california. no photographs or videos were taken of this event. a story posted on march 2nd made these folks sound like geniuses: the 20-minute video they collected contained "the first verified observation of a giant squid in motion in the wild," said widder. the squid was recorded south of el cajon, california, near point loma.

it was about 60 feet from head to tip, according to nicholas dulvy, an expert with the monterey bay aquarium research institute. it was traveling at about five knots along the surface of the water, when it sliced through the delicate kelp. it was moving from west to east, when it should have been west to east, "so it looks like it's just swimming on the surface of the water, and it's just mowing through all these blades of kelp," said researcher brian crandall.


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