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Muslim Savin
Muslim Savin

Darth Vader Mugen Zip

darth vader might be a good one to do next as could also rip stuff from the embedded mini game that could be of use. may have had a stage too. not to mention all the other star wars source could draw from to add to him.

Darth Vader Mugen Zip


The next DT2 character that I want to mugenize is, Indiana Jones! Not only because he is a classic popular movie character but also his DT2 gameplay is quite interesting in my opinion. When it is time for me to start working on mugenizing DT2 Indiana Jones, I will need to find suitable DT2 cosplays for him.

About your suggestion about DT2 Darth Vader, I think he should be a boss-type MUGEN character. If I am going to mugenize a DT2 Darth Vader, then I think I will not add the DT2 cosplay custom feature to him. Perhaps just increase his attributes to reflect his boss-type origin.


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