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The Recruit 'LINK'

This page includes all of the information you will need to visit your recruit for graduation, including the schedule of events and directions to the Recruit Family Welcome Center. Please review the information carefully. If you have additional questions not covered in these pages or in the Frequently Asked Questions, you may get in touch with RTC via the contact page.

The Recruit

GUEST SECURITY ACCESS FORM: If you are going to be attending the graduation ceremony, please fill out the security access form, maximum four guests per form, (three guests when there are 11 or more divisions graduating,) and return to your recruit, (using the recruit's address provided in the letter you received from them) according to the instructions on the form. A link to download the form is located at the bottom of this page. Children 2 years of age or younger do NOT count toward the maximum number of guests and do not need to be listed. ALL GUESTS 3 AND OLDER MUST BE LISTED ON THE ACCESS LIST, INCLUDING MILITARY GUESTS (ACTIVE DUTY, RESERVE, RETIRED, VET).

GRADUATION CEREMONY SPACE LIMITATIONS: Recruit Training Command will issue FOUR tickets for the graduation ceremony, per recruit. The maximum number of allowed guests is based on safety regulations and the fire code for the drill hall, where the indoor ceremony takes place. Again, recruits are permitted to invite up to FOUR guests to graduation, (THREE guests when 11 or more divisions are graduating,) NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE AUTHORIZED for additional guests. Please do not call for additional seats!

ACCOMMODATIONS & TRANSPORTATION: The U.S. Navy does NOT provide accommodations, air or vehicle transportation, or shuttle service. Naval Station Great Lakes Morale, Welfare, and Recreation Department has teamed up with SatoVacations to assist with making airline and car reservations for Navy recruit families attending graduation ceremonies. Please refer to the Family & Friends Travel Guide to assist with hotel options, travel information, and recruit care packages. You can also visit, call 847-688-3593, or stay up-to-date with the Navy Morale, Welfare & Recreation App that has graduation information plus things to do in the local area. Look for "NavyMWR Great Lakes" at either Google Play or the App Store.

TICKETING: Everyone who is planning on attending a graduation ceremony MUST personally obtain a ticket, which will be distributed at the Recruit Family Welcome Center the week of your recruit's graduation. Tickets are free of charge, but you must have valid photo ID to obtain your ticket (driver's license, state ID, military ID, passport, or, for minors, a student ID, driver's permit, SSN card, birth certificate,). Once you receive your ticket do NOT lose it, as this will be the only ticket you will receive. These tickets are not transferable and are the only means to access the base for attendees.

Plan accordingly so each person can check-in to receive a ticket for the graduation ceremony. If you don't have a ticket you will NOT be allowed entry to the base. Tickets will only be issued to guests who the graduating recruit has verified will be attending. Please ensure those who check-in to receive their graduation tickets are the same as those who were listed on the security form.

If you did not receive the security form from your recruit or you misplaced it, please download a new form and return to your recruit ASAP, for proper graduation ceremony access. The security form you received must be filled out according to the instructions on the form and returned to your recruit, which will ensure the recruits graduation ceremony attendees are properly accounted for. If this form is not received you will not be able to attend the graduation ceremony.

Noah Centineo gets too much flack. After playing Peter, the male lead in Netflix's To All the Boys trilogy, as well as starring in other teen rom-coms from the streamer such as Sierra Burgess is a Loser and The Perfect Date, he finally seems to be branching out into new places. It's not that these were bad career moves; in fact, each of the previously mentioned films actually did show that Centineo has that movie-star charisma that can carry him through even the weakest of scripts, but it's easy to tell that he's meant for more than just those roles. He also had a supporting role as the superhero Atom Smasher in this year's Black Adam, where he starred opposite one of the biggest movie stars on the planet, Dwayne Johnson, but unfortunately, the film didn't give his character much to do. Fortunately, he also has The Recruit, a Netflix series that feels like it's woven from the same cloth as Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan and Reacher, but from a much younger perspective. In fact, Owen Hendricks, the titular recruit, is only 24 years old, and even as the first season comes to a close, he's still learning the ropes.

The series follows Owen (Centineo), who, fresh from graduating from Georgetown University, is recruited to work for the CIA, but not as some badass spy like Jack Bauer, but as a lawyer. His at-first mundane job is quickly thrown for a loop when he stumbles upon an international conspiracy involving the Russian mafia that could unleash a mountain of dangerous US government secrets. In the meantime, Owen finds himself forming an uneasy alliance with Max Meladeze (Laura Haddock) an asset currently serving time in prison in Phoenix, Arizona, who wishes to be exonerated. The conspiracy continues to grow and not only puts Owen in danger but also his loved ones.

If the show is renewed, we expect Centineo to return as the titular recruit. Who else will return out of the series regular cast, which includes Fivel Stewart (Hannah), Colton Dunn (Lester), Aarti Mann (Violet), Daniel Quincy Annoh (Terence), and Vondie Curtis-Hall (Nyland), remains to be seen.

While extensive literature exists on barriers and strategies to increase minority participation in clinical trials, progress is limited. Few strategies were evaluated in randomized trials. We studied the impact of RECRUIT, a trust-based, cluster randomized minority recruitment trial layered on top of four traditional NIH-funded parent trials (BMT CTN, CABANA, PACES, STEADY-PD III; fifty specialty sites). RECRUIT was conducted from July 2013 through April 2017. Intervention sites implemented trust-based approaches customized to individual sites, promoting relationships between physician-investigators and minority-serving physicians and their minority patients. Control sites implemented only parent trials' recruitment procedures. Adjusting for within-site clustering, we detected no overall intervention effect, odds ratio 1.3 (95% confidence limits 0.7,2.4). Heterogeneity among parent trials may have obscured the effect. Of the four parent trials, three enrolled more minorities in intervention versus control sites. CABANA odds ratio = 4.2 (adjusted 95%CL 1.5,11.3). PACES intervention sites enrolled 63% (10/16) minorities; control sites enrolled one participant in total, a minority, yielding an incalculable odds ratio. STEADY-PD III odds ratio = 2.2 (adjusted 95%CL 0.6,8.5). BMT CTN odds ratio

The Recruit Firefighter program is a 70 day, 14 week, resident course that focuses on developing the knowledge, skills and abilities needed for the newly hired career firefighter or for the volunteer firefighter to perform entry-level tasks under direct supervision. The training consists of theory and practical skills development delivered on an incremental basis that will develop the maximum retention of job knowledge, skill competency, and safe practices. The recruit will establish a strong will for teamwork, company morale, self-discipline, and orderliness, precision and conduct to be a firefighter. Participation in daily Physical Fitness Training is required. Recruits will reside at the Connecticut Fire Academy weekdays throughout the course. The recruits are expected to satisfactorily perform both academically and physically to established standards while strictly adhering to and maintaining decorum of conduct, discipline and mutual respect.

As a way to better serve the state fire service, the Connecticut Firefighters Health and Safety Consortium has formalized our recommendations for preparation for the Recruit Firefighter Program. Historically over the past 5 years, using field-level fitness testing, greater than 40% of incoming recruits have been determined to be obese and otherwise deconditioned for their start as Recruits.

All future recruit classes will require this greater preparation for the rigors of training in order to address the obvious inherent physical risks of not being adequately prepared for both training and the beginning of a tremendously demanding profession.

A: Yes. Your recruit(s) can have recruits of their own, but they cannot recruit you. Game time your recruit receives as a Recruit A Friend reward will not count towards your own RAF reward progression. 041b061a72


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