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Clash Royale 2018 APK: How to Unlock and Upgrade Your Troops

Clash Royale Private Server APK Download: If you are looking for the best servers for playing the clash royale game then you should definitely download clash royal private server apk 2018. In this informative article, you will see all the information concerning the clash royal private servers 2018.

In some of my previous posts, I have described the clash of lights s2, clash of phoenix apk, and clash of magic. And many of you loved it. Hence, I brought this post on how to download and use clash royale private server on android smartphone.

clash royale 2018 apk

There are many private servers like the clash of magic servers, clash of lights server. And clash royale private server is one among those servers. The name of this clash royale private server is the Master Royale.

This was the informative post on how to download clash royal private server apk on android. I have tried my extend best to provide all the data concerning the private server of clash royale. For any doubts regarding the same, you can comment in the comment section below.

Fun Royale 2.1.10 APK: If you have been into Clash Royale Private servers, then you might have heard the name of this Fun Royale Private Server for Clash Royale. This is the latest updated version released by the developers. Just like other famous PS of the game, this Fun Royale is also getting famous due to its continuous updates. Thanks to the developers behind it known as Fun Games or the Redmineboys from their famous YouTube Channel. This is the latest Fun Royale 2018 updated Clash Royale 2.1.10 Private Server Apk.

Now moving to the main features of this special Modded version of Clash Royale Private server or the Fun Royale Private Server 2018. Some of the best and most noted about things in this server are given below. But just look at this Opened Chest. These are the all cards I got from this chest. All Common cards, Rare cards, Epic cards and 20+ Legendary Cards.

The December 2018 update added Star Points to unlock special golden cosmetics for Max Level cards. In the October 2021 update, this was changed to be available from Level 7. Players also receive Star Points when gaining experience, which can be used to give their cards an updated visual skin, usually gold in color. There are up to three Star Levels for each card, which are unlocked when the card is leveled up to level 7 (for Star Level 1), level 10 (for Star Level 2) and level 13 (for Star Level 3).[14]

On April 25, 2018, Clan Wars were added. Initially, a given war would be separated into two days: "Collection Day" and "War Day." Collection Day saw players battling in a variety of game modes which would rotate every month. Winning awarded cards to add to the Clan collection. If a minimum of ten players played one battle each, the Clan could progress to War Day, where a Clan was matched with four other Clans with a similar number of participants and Clan Trophies. Each participant would build a battle deck using only the cards unlocked on Collection Day. After the battles, each clan was ranked from 1st to 5th based on the number of Crowns awarded by wins. At the end of the War Day, all participating players received a War Bounty containing Gold or other items. Based on their war rank, Clans would then gain or lose a certain number of Trophies. Clans would progress through Clan Leagues by gaining Clan Trophies, with higher leagues granting better rewards. Clan Seasons lasted two weeks, and at the end of each season, a chest is awarded to every participating player based on the highest war rank and league the Clan had reached during the season.

The Clash Royale League was the official team esports world championship on a league format, developed by Supercell. It consisted of 5 leagues: North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia, and China. Season 1 started on August 20, 2018. After fifteen games per team during the regular season, playoffs were held in each region, after which the World Finals were held in Tokyo, Japan on December 1. The Finalists consisted of Nova Esports (China), KingZone Dragon-X (Asia), Vivo Keyd (Latin America), Team Queso (Europe), Immortals (North America), and Ponos Sports from Japan. Ponos achieved second in Asia and was allowed into the World Finals because of Japan's host status. A seeding tournament ranked the teams. After that the top two teams from the seeding tournament got a bye for the Quarter-Finals and automatically made it into the Semi-Finals. After the Quarter Finals it was the Semi-Finals then the Finals. The Season One World Champions are Nova Esports.[citation needed]

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Clash Royale was part of an esport demonstration event during the 2018 Asian Games held in Indonesia. Eight countries are able to participate after having qualified from their respective regional qualification with Indonesia automatically qualified as host.[35]

The latest Clash Royale 2018 Private Server is here. Yes the Golemland Private Server for the latest version of Clash Royale 2.1.7 has all the features ready and up to date. The developer behind this Private Server Golemland is quite famous due its previous well updated and 24/7 online Clash of Clans Servers. This new update is still in beta stage but yet you have the chance to get unlimited gems, unlimited coins to unlock all most needed Chests loaded with Rare, Common and legendary cards.

The clash of Magic Private servers are pounded with tons of free resources. Like Gems, Elixir, Gold Coins and even Dark Elixir. The best thing about these servers are that they give the users a choice to get a heavily modified game to close to original game options. You can either go for Server 1 (The Black Magic) which is highly modified with tons of custom Buildings and Troops added along with Custom Commands options enabled.

  • Published on 2018-02-13 Clash Of Clans and Clash Royale private servers begin to invade the net since 2016 and these servers have more and more success ! Some private servers have several thousand players connected simultaneously. The creators of these private servers offer you to download an APK file from their website. It's the same installation file as the original game except it's a modified version. WHY PLAY ON A COC OR CLASH ROYALE PRIVATE SERVER ?Most private servers offer the same features as the official, while still enjoying the following benefits:Access to all buildings

  • Unlimited gems and gold

  • Unlimited Elixir

This could be very useful if you want to test a city before building it on the official. Will my game be saved ?It depends on the private server, some automatically save your data as on the official, this is usually indicated on the website of the creator. While on others, if you log out, you lose your progress. Do I need to update the app ?Some private servers offer automatic updates, others need you to manually update your application by downloading the new APK file on their website. Will I lose my data on the official server ?No, the APK you are going to download does not replace the official game. To be sure, you can link your Supercell accountwith Google + and your data will be stored on your Google Account. HOW TO PLAY ON A PRIVATE COC OR CR SERVER ?To join a private server, you have the choice between playing on your smartphone or on your computer with an emulator. To play on an Apple smartphone, you need to jailbreak !Download Android or iOS APK for iPhoneDownload the APK file on the server's website. To do this, check out the page of the best Clash Royale private server and make a choice. Play on Android (For iOs: Mandatory Jailbreak)Enable "Unknown Sources" in your smartphone's settings in the "Security" section to allow installation of not recognized app.Transfer the .APK file to your smartphone by connecting your phone to your PC or download it directly from your smartphone.Start the installation, follow the instructions and play !Play on your PC or MAC:Download and install the BLUESTACKS emulatorRight click on the BLUESTACKS shortcut and run as administratorAfter installation, the software will ask you to activate AppstoreSign in to your Google accountOpen the .APK file with Bluestacks and start to play !

About Clash royaleClash Royale is a multiplayer game with royal fighters.The goal of this strategic game is to destroy more crowned towers than his opponent, while defending yours.

Clash Royale is a creative strategic game... If your goal is to improve strategic, planning, fast decision making and also to Have Fun in modern world. like what other people say here clash royale is pay to win BUT that is LIFE in LIFE there are people who will be richer than you, has advantage and more privilege. thats why clash Royale would help in outsmarting those rich bastard... Also unlike Chess in Clash Royale you will be given different kind of units not just, what people always use in chess and you will learn how to make use of whats available... for that question... for me my opinion is that also as a millennial Ithink Clash Royale is much better than Chess

The year 2017 was for Clash of Clans the year of rebirth : the arrival of major revolutions such as the Base of the Builder and the innovations gradually implemented such as the Clan Games, currently active, have brought back millions of players to return to play. It seems that the news does not end here, because some enthusiasts have managed to extrapolate some interesting information that would concern the update of the Chinese New Year 2018.


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