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The Mountains Echoed PDF: How to Get a Free Copy of the Bestselling Novel

Free PDF and The Mountains Echoed

If you are looking for a captivating and moving novel that explores the themes of family, love, and sacrifice, you might want to check out The Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini. This novel is a bestseller that has received critical acclaim and millions of readers worldwide. In this article, we will tell you more about this novel, its author, and where you can find a free PDF version online.

free pdf and the mountains echoed

What is The Mountains Echoed about?

The Mountains Echoed is a novel that spans over six decades and four continents. It tells the story of a family from a small village in Afghanistan, whose lives are changed by a fateful decision made by their father. The novel follows the consequences of this decision on different generations and characters, who are connected by blood, love, or fate. The novel explores how their choices affect their destinies, their relationships, and their identities.

The novel is divided into nine chapters, each focusing on a different character or pair of characters. The chapters are not arranged chronologically, but rather jump back and forth in time and space. The novel begins with a father telling his children a folk tale about a div (a supernatural creature) who takes away a child from a poor family. This tale sets up the main conflict of the novel, which is revealed in the second chapter. The rest of the chapters show how this conflict affects various characters in different ways.

The novel deals with themes such as family bonds, sibling rivalry, parental love, romantic love, friendship, loyalty, betrayal, loss, guilt, forgiveness, identity, culture, war, migration, poverty, and privilege. The novel also shows the beauty and diversity of Afghanistan, as well as the challenges and tragedies that its people have faced.

Who are the main characters in The Mountains Echoed?

The novel has a large cast of characters, each with their own backstory, personality, and role in the story. Here are some of the main characters and their relationships:

  • Abdullah: He is the eldest son of Saboor, a poor farmer from the village of Shadbagh. He is very close to his younger sister Pari, whom he loves more than anything. He is loyal, brave, and kind. He suffers a great loss when his father sells Pari to a wealthy couple in Kabul. He spends his life longing for her and trying to find her again.

  • Pari: She is the youngest daughter of Saboor and Parwana, and the half-sister of Abdullah. She is smart, curious, and adventurous. She adores her brother Abdullah and misses him terribly when she is separated from him. She grows up in a privileged but unhappy household in Kabul, where she feels like an outsider. She later moves to France and becomes a successful mathematician and mother.

  • Nabi: He is the brother of Parwana and the uncle of Abdullah and Pari. He works as a chauffeur and cook for the Wahdatis, a rich and influential family in Kabul. He is the one who arranges the deal between Saboor and Mr. Wahdati, who wants to adopt Pari. He feels guilty for his role in separating the siblings, and tries to make amends later in life.

  • Suleiman Wahdati: He is a wealthy and powerful businessman in Kabul, who suffers from depression and loneliness. He is married to Nila, a beautiful and rebellious poetess, whom he loves but cannot satisfy. He adopts Pari as a way to save his marriage and to have a child of his own.

  • Nila Wahdati: She is a stunning and talented poetess, who comes from a rich and liberal family in Kabul. She is married to Suleiman, whom she respects but does not love. She suffers from infertility and miscarriages, which make her unhappy and bitter. She develops a strong bond with Pari, whom she treats as her own daughter. She later leaves Suleiman and moves to Paris, where she becomes a famous and controversial writer.

  • Idris: He is the son of Timur, a wealthy and generous businessman who lives in California. He is a doctor who visits Kabul with his cousin Timur after the fall of the Taliban. He meets Roshi, a young girl who has been injured by a landmine, and promises to help her get treatment in America. However, he fails to keep his promise and forgets about her when he returns to his comfortable life.

  • Tahmina: She is the daughter of Nabi and Nila, who was conceived during a brief affair between them. She does not know her true parentage until she is an adult. She is a nurse who works in Kabul, where she meets Idris and falls in love with him. However, he rejects her when he finds out that she is Nabi's daughter.

  • Adel: He is the son of Baba Jan, a powerful warlord who controls a large territory in Afghanistan. He lives in a luxurious compound with his father and his mother, who is ill. He enjoys playing soccer with his friends, but he also witnesses the violence and corruption that his father inflicts on the people. He befriends Gholam, a poor boy who lives in a nearby village, and learns about the injustice that his father has done to Gholam's family.

  • Markos Varvaris: He is a Greek plastic surgeon who works for a humanitarian organization in Afghanistan. He lives with Nabi in the Wahdati house after Nila leaves it to him. He becomes Nabi's friend and confidant, and helps him reconnect with Pari. He also takes care of Thalia, a disfigured girl whom he rescued from an abusive uncle in Greece.

  • Thalia: She is a Greek girl who was attacked by a dog when she was young, leaving her face scarred and her eye missing. She lives with her mother Madaline, an artist who works for Markos's organization. She suffers from low self-esteem and social anxiety due to her appearance. She finds solace in photography, which becomes her passion and talent.

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