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Sebastian Kelly
Sebastian Kelly

I’ll Be Home For Christmas __LINK__

The painting of our basset hound arrived today and I am just blown away by it. Atina's attention to detail and fine craftsmanship is unlike most. In a world where everything is quickly converted to "digital art" with a single click, Atina truly stands out and is a marvel. Her hand-painted art will be hung in our home for us to enjoy forever. We are so thankful for her talent!

I’ll Be Home for Christmas

Though we chatted many times on video telephone, we did not meet him because he did not come to China directly. He contacted us on wechat to ask all home furniture and some outdoor furniture, we sourced according to what he needed. He did not know anything about how to import from China, we suggested to him one importing company who locates in Australia. In a word, our company took good care of the rest after Raj selecting the items he needed. He just needed to wait for container arriving at his home without worry anything about the importation. 041b061a72


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