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Headlight Trim

From the factory, Toyota designed a void in the lower section of the headlight that has zero purpose. They covered this up with a non functional "finned" style plate that is hard to clean(basically a bug catcher) and does not match anything else around it.

headlight trim

So I came up with an idea for a color matched, "smooth" trim piece replacement. It's a very basic idea, but changes the look of the front and accentuates the headlight lines...making it look more aggressive. Plus, it is a lot easier to clean being smooth. The OEM trim plate was 3D scanned and modified for a 100% direct swap and OEM fitment. Then, they are Injection molded out of durable ABS that will last the life of the truck. Installation is very simple, 2 Phillips screws on each light and they can be swapped over. Unfortunately, the front bumper is tucked over them... so it will need to be removed for installation.

TECHART 991 Headlight Trims are A nice visual aesthetic piece for all 991 Models. They fit around the headlight and is reccomended to be painted body color. The Headlight Trim also inclues headlight washer covers that can be painted as well to match the body of your car.

Are you looking to complete that look of your front end? Don't underestimate small accessories, they can make a huge difference. Rugged Ridge headlight trim kits are an affordable way to protect your Jeep against debris while keeping that sleek look. Each headlight trim piece is designed specifically to fit your Jeep. Composed of durable composite and available in black and chrome finishes. The bezels are UV treated to ensure they will withstand the tests of time. Installation is quick and easy with the automotive grade adhesive. So if you're looking to give your Jeep a unique, custom look at a great price, then it's time to get your Rugged Ridge headlight trim kit.

The headlight bezel's machining and black anodized finish add a custom look to the front of the bike while complementing the engine side covers and timing belt covers. It envelops the headlight like a decoration, with the elegance of machined aluminum.

Give your smart car some fun attitude and a unique look with these Titania Gray Eyebrows.These smart car headlight eyebrows / trim are imported from Europe. They are made specifically for the 453 model smart and are an exact fit. This set is molded in high quality plastic and are done in Titania Gray. The covers are very well made and are designed to overlay the top of your smart car headlights. The installation is pretty simple and the results are great. They tuck in under the corner of your fender and are secured with automotive double sided tape. Set your smart 453 apart from everybody else with these unique Headlight Eyebrows. Available in various colors that match the smart car's paint, please see our other listings for the right color for you. Match your car's body color, or go with a contrasting color to match your personal style.Features:

Jeep headlight rings and turn signal bezels make great accents and help the vehicle stand out. However, if yours have faded, or just do not look the way you want, then we offer several excellent solutions.

Our headlight rings and bezels include the necessary mounting hardware, are easy to install and come in a variety of finishes like chrome, gray, stainless and black. They are also paintable if you choose. Plus, they fit both the factory headlights and turn signals, as well as aftermarket LED versions. Some even have the popular 'attitude' look you see on so many of today's Jeeps.

Comes with one headlight trim ring. Comes in primer, must be painted to match your car. Fits the driver or passenger side.Fits all Porsche 911/Carrera models with sealed beam headlights (USA) 1987-1994. Now also available for models with H4 Headlight conversion (see related item below).ReviewsThere are no reviews for this item yet. Write the first review.

Headlight Bezel with Integrated Visor for LXV HeadlightOur headlight rims and visors make your Vespa look even more retro-fantastic than they already do. Especially on a Vespa LXV 50-150cc. Our LXV visor is also a much more affordable replacement than a complete headlight if you've just scratched up your chrome headlight bezel (not available separately from Vespa). Our visors are also really good reducing glare in your windscreen from your headlight.Made of chromed plastic, just like your Vespa LXV original headlight bezel, this is a simple bolt-on. Unscrew the two screws from the bottom back of your existing headlight, remove the existing chrome bezel, and replace it with our new chrome bezel with integrated visor! Easy and beautiful!

Plasmaglow Lightning Eyes LED headlight trim is the easiest way to give your car, truck, or SUV the unique look you've been wanting! This slim flexible light strip is specifically designed to bring you the popular new style of LED running lights found on late model luxury vehicles. These Lighting Eyes fade in and out in whatever color you choose showcasing an awesome breathing affect that will make all of your friends go "WOW!" You can also select the standard Lighting Eyes in a range of colors that will add extra flare to your vehicle. Last, but not least there is the Duo Lighting Eyes, which show off two different color options at a time.

The Plasmaglow LED headlight trim shines at an angle 90 degrees off the surface, so they can be mounted in the tightest locations allowing light to shine perpendicular to the mounting surface. Designed to be mounted under your headlights, this thin flexible LED strip is invisible while it is turned off, but features extremely bright LEDs when illuminated. Plasmaglow LED Headlight Trim kit includes two 19 inch strips or two 26 inch strips can be cut to length to fit any headlight housing perfectly.

During World War II, civil and military authorities often enforced brownout and blackouts, restricting the use of lights on transports and passenger vehicles in order to hinder detection by aerial reconnaissance and bombers. Blackouts (turning off lights) and brownouts (limiting light emissions by way of hoods and masks) were enforced in cities and coastal areas as protection against the night-time aerial attacks in both Axis and Allied countries. One of the first civilian examples of headlight covers was produced in NSW, Australia by the Read family dairy.[2]

The use of headlight covers and the modification of light produced by vehicles has continued into the present day in both the military's development of special blackout head and tail light technologies and in the civilian sector as well. In addition to headlight covers' use in light reduction, they have also been employed to protect headlamps from damage in both civilian and combat environments. As of 2014, 3M makes a wide variety of aerospace and military films solely for this purpose.[3]

Eventually, the automobile industry began to take note of the protective benefits of headlight cover film, and it was soon being employed by race car drivers despite the difficulty of working with the original films. According to Kay Lam, marketing manager for the automotive division of 3M, "The first films were thicker and less compliant, [because] their purpose was to help keep...[surfaces] from eroding in the harsh, sandy environments to which they were exposed."[4]

As of 2014, there is no statute which governs the use of headlight covers throughout the United States. Most localities and municipalities will have laws which regulate the use of headlight covers and or tint and will specify the percentage of light that must pass through and/or the minimum distance from which a vehicle's headlights must be visible.[5]

Some headlights have damage on the inside of the lens. Typically, this is caused by water seeping through cracks, broken seals or other hidden paths. Moisture gets trapped inside, relegating your headlight to a never-ending cycle of heating, evaporation and condensation. Water spots, stains and yellowing can occur. But unlike damage on the outside of your lens, this type of degradation is not easily fixed. Many modern headlight units cannot be disassembled, which makes it nearly impossible to restore these surfaces. In this case, the only real solution is to replace the compromised unit (the throw-it-in-the-gutter-and-go-buy-another paradox).

Restoring weathered plastic trim can be a challenge. Years of dirt, oxidation, and sun will take their toll. Accidental over-waxing of the trim can also leave it looking white and chalky. Scrubbing off the years of dirt and damage is a simple process; but it takes an aggressive, purpose-built product like Back-to-Black Heavy Duty Trim Cleaner. And sometimes, one treatment is not enough.

Massage the product into the plastic trim. Make sure the surface is cool and dry. Allow it to penetrate. Then buff excess off after use and check for evenness. If you see any faint streaks or blotches, a quick, even reapplication and removal should fix the issue.

Window seals live a sad, difficult life. Often ignored (and frequently crushed into submission), their purpose is truly function-over-form. But seals are extremely important. They keep the glass in and weather out. To make sure they remain in top condition, regular application of vinyl dressing is essential. For trim that is not seriously neglected, mainstream maintenance products are your best choice. Mild and user-friendly, stand-alone dressings like Mothers Protectant are ideal for keeping the seals pliable, protected, and looking like new (gotta love that new seal smell).

Removing the OEM mini fairing leaves a naked headlight that could use some dressing up. This shroud, designed by Memphis Shades, allows you to mount a Road Warrior fairing or any of the Memphis Fats, Slim, or Sportshields.

The "Bomb," as it was called in later years, aged gracefully with some well-worn appointments. The shiny black exterior dulled to a purplish hue; the heavy chrome bumpers and headlight trim became dotted with rust. The seats ripped in a few places; the headliner yellowed; and the gray door panels became marked with bell-curve water stains from windows left open during thunderstorms. The hard plastic steering wheel became worn at 12 o'clock where my father held it most. 041b061a72


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