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Download AI Illustrator for Free: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Download AI Illustrator

If you are looking for a powerful and versatile vector graphics software, you might want to try Adobe Illustrator. This program allows you to create logos, icons, illustrations, typography, and more with precision and control. But how can you download AI Illustrator and start using it? In this article, we will show you how to get a free trial, how to buy a subscription, and how to learn the basics of AI Illustrator.

how to download ai illustrator

What is AI Illustrator?

AI Illustrator is the industry-leading vector graphics software that is part of Adobe's Creative Cloud suite. Vector graphics are made of lines and curves that can be scaled and edited without losing quality or resolution. This makes them ideal for creating graphics that need to look sharp at any size and in any medium.

The benefits of using AI Illustrator

Some of the benefits of using AI Illustrator are:

  • You can create stunning vector art and illustrations for any project, from logos and icons to billboards and packaging.

  • You can draw anything you can imagine, from simple shapes to complex scenes, using tools that help you create what you envision.

  • You can play with new design and drawing styles, such as line art, cartoon, or doodle, and use generative AI-powered tools to recolor your artwork with simple text prompts.

  • You can work seamlessly with other Adobe apps and services, such as Photoshop, InDesign, Dimension, and Adobe Stock.

The features of AI Illustrator

Some of the features of AI Illustrator are:

  • You can use paths, shapes, brushes, gradients, patterns, symbols, text, and effects to create your vector graphics.

  • You can use tools such as Repeat for Patterns, Global Edits, Puppet Warp, Shape Builder, Live Trace, and Image Crop to enhance your workflow and creativity.

  • You can use artboards, layers, guides, grids, rulers, masks, clipping masks, and isolation mode to organize and manage your artwork.

  • You can use color modes, color profiles, color themes, swatches, gradients, patterns, blends, transparency, and effects to add color and style to your artwork.

  • You can use file formats such as SVG, PDF, EPS, PNG, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PSD, AI, and more to export and share your artwork.

How to get a free trial of AI Illustrator

If you want to try AI Illustrator before buying it, you can download a free trial from Adobe's website. Here's how:

The steps to download the free trial

  • Go to and click on the Free Trial button.

  • Sign in or set up your Adobe ID and download the free trial.

  • Open the downloaded file and follow the installation wizard.

  • Launch AI Illustrator and start creating your vector graphics.

The limitations of the free trial

The The free trial of AI Illustrator has some limitations that you should be aware of. These are:

  • The free trial lasts for 7 days only, after which you will need to buy a subscription or cancel your account.

  • The free trial is available only for new users who have not used AI Illustrator or any other Adobe app before.

  • The free trial does not include access to Adobe Stock, Adobe Fonts, or other Adobe services that require a paid subscription.

How to buy AI Illustrator

If you want to buy AI Illustrator and use it beyond the free trial period, you will need to choose a subscription plan that suits your needs and budget. Here are the options:

How to get Adobe Illustrator for free trial

How to install Illustrator on Windows or Mac

How to download Illustrator with Creative Cloud subscription

How to access Illustrator online without downloading

How to download Illustrator CS6 or older versions

How to download Illustrator for students and teachers

How to download Illustrator for iPad or iPhone

How to download Illustrator brushes and plugins

How to download Illustrator templates and presets

How to download Illustrator fonts and icons

How to update Illustrator to the latest version

How to uninstall Illustrator from your device

How to download Illustrator alternatives for free

How to download Illustrator crack or keygen

How to download Illustrator portable or offline installer

How to download Illustrator from torrent or file-sharing sites

How to fix Illustrator download errors or issues

How to speed up Illustrator download process

How to verify Illustrator download integrity and security

How to change Illustrator download settings or preferences

How to download Illustrator tutorials and guides

How to download Illustrator projects and samples

How to download Illustrator vector graphics and illustrations

How to download Illustrator logos and mockups

How to download Illustrator patterns and textures

How to convert Illustrator files to other formats

How to open Illustrator files without downloading

How to edit Illustrator files online or offline

How to print or export Illustrator files

How to share or collaborate on Illustrator files

How to backup or restore Illustrator files

How to recover or repair Illustrator files

How to optimize or compress Illustrator files

How to protect or encrypt Illustrator files

How to organize or manage Illustrator files

How to create or design with Illustrator

How to draw or sketch with Illustrator

How to trace or vectorize with Illustrator

How to color or fill with Illustrator

How to add or apply effects with Illustrator

How to resize or scale with Illustrator

How to rotate or flip with Illustrator

How to align or distribute with Illustrator

How to group or ungroup with Illustrator

How to layer or mask with Illustrator

How to shape or transform with Illustrator

How to text or type with Illustrator

How to curve or warp with Illustrator

How to outline or stroke with Illustrator

The pricing plans for AI Illustrator

Adobe offers three pricing plans for AI Illustrator, depending on whether you want to use it as a single app or as part of the Creative Cloud suite. You can also choose to pay monthly or annually. Here is a table that summarizes the pricing plans for AI Illustrator:




Single App


Access to AI Illustrator and 100 GB of cloud storage

All Apps


Access to AI Illustrator and 20+ other Adobe apps and services

All Apps + Stock


Access to AI Illustrator, 20+ other Adobe apps and services, and 10 Adobe Stock images per month

The discounts and offers for AI Illustrator

Adobe also offers some discounts and offers for AI Illustrator, depending on your eligibility and preferences. Some of them are:

  • If you are a student or a teacher, you can get the All Apps plan for only $19.99/month, which is a 60% discount.

  • If you are a business or an organization, you can get the All Apps plan for $33.99/month per user, which includes advanced collaboration and security features.

  • If you are a nonprofit or a social impact organization, you can get the All Apps plan for $19.99/month per user, which includes access to Adobe's social impact programs and resources.

  • If you are an existing user of AI Illustrator or any other Adobe app, you can get a loyalty discount when you renew your subscription or switch to a different plan.

  • If you are not sure which plan to choose, you can compare the plans and features on and find the best option for you.

How to learn AI Illustrator

Once you have downloaded and installed AI Illustrator, you might wonder how to use it and what you can do with it. Don't worry, there are plenty of resources and tutorials that can help you learn the basics and master the advanced skills of AI Illustrator. Here are some of them:

The resources and tutorials for AI Illustrator

  • You can start with the on Adobe's website, which will teach you how to create your first vector graphic, how to use the essential tools and panels, how to work with colors and shapes, and more.

  • You can explore the on Adobe's website, which has hundreds of tutorials and videos on various topics and levels, such as logo design, illustration, typography, web design, animation, and more.

  • You can join the , which is a platform where you can ask questions, share tips, get feedback, and connect with other users and experts of AI Illustrator.

  • You can check out the , which has articles and stories on the latest trends, inspiration, tips, and best practices of AI Illustrator and other Adobe apps.

  • You can browse the , which is a live streaming service where you can watch professionals create amazing vector graphics with AI Illustrator and other Adobe apps in real time.

The tips and tricks for AI Illustrator

Besides learning the basics and following the tutorials, there are some tips and tricks that can help you improve your skills and productivity with AI Illustrator. Some of them are:

  • You can use keyboard shortcuts to speed up your workflow and access common commands quickly You can use the Properties panel to access the most relevant settings and options for the selected object or tool.

  • You can use the Align panel to align and distribute objects relative to each other or to the artboard.

You can use the Pathfinder panel to combine, subt


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