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Fallout 4 Console Commands Change Appearance

There are two ways to change your appearance in Skyrim. One of them is an in-game NPC, and the other is a Skyrim console using the Skyrim race menu command (cheating).

Fallout 4 Console Commands Change Appearance

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Take a look at your stat tree. If you changed race or gender, it might not look the same as before. To set your skills to their previous values, open the console and use this command.

They do, in fact, change, though since it is a blend of the mother and father, you may not see a huge difference without changing both of their appearances. Here is a compilation of different faces for Father.

Of course, it is easy to customize using the GUI while getting better control of what you can change. But, knowing the commands is also necessary in case you start using WSL or access a remote server using SSH; you can customize your experience no matter what.