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Home Workout Dvd To Build Muscle

Our top pick, the Circuit Burnout 90 DVD has a 90-day challenge with ten options to work your upper body, lower body, and core, for a complete home workout. If you want to focus on building strength, we recommend RIPT90's Fit DVD, which includes 12 separate muscle-building workouts for total body training.

home workout dvd to build muscle


Let's face it, not everyone has time to fit 3+ gym sessions in per week, especially when they work full-time. This is why home workouts are growing in popularity now even more so than ever, and why they are quickly becoming one of the most effective ways to exercise. Plus, celebrity fitness DVDs are a great source of inspiration - looking up to your idols can give you that final push you need to get going!

We enjoyed this level of customisation, which made us feel like we were in total control of our fitness. If you really wanted to challenge yourself, take a look at our full-body kettlebell workout for any fitness level that you can perform from the comfort of your own home!

The post-pregnancy fitness DVD promises gentle exercises to slowly ease you back into fitness. No specialist equipment is required, and Tracy even recommends using water bottles as weights, making this one of the most accessible home workouts today. If you need more inspiration apart from this DVD, take a look at our step by step guide to nailing a good home workout.

Many of the workouts are restorative, and are designed to help you to restore your abdominal strength, and encourage the skin on your stomach to properly adhere back to your muscles. It promises to tone, but also works as a boost to your overall fitness and wellbeing.

When you can't get to the gym (or just don't want to deal with the crowds) workout videos can help you get moving at home. And it's not just a matter of motivation: Plenty of the best workout videos or DVDs can also deliver real results, with expert training programs designed to

If you're an at-home exercise newbie and need help getting started, we polled fitness trainers to find out their favorite workout DVDs when they can't make it to the gym. Here are their top picks: a list of the best workout videos today that'll also stand the test of time.

And dancing can actually get your heart rate up high and fast, making it a super effective way to burn calories and build lean muscle, says certified strength and conditioning specialist John Shackleton, CSCS.

P90X is one of the best workout videos of all time for building muscle mass at home. The revolutionary 90-day extreme challenge is from personal trainer, author and actor Tony Horton, who generated a cult-like following by touting "muscle confusion" to explain the effectiveness of his technique.

"No matter what age you are you should be stretching everyday to keep your muscles and joints flexible and healthy, and this top workout video from Jessica Smith makes it easy for you to follow along and complete three different stretching sessions," says Shackleton.

Consistency is key when it comes to seeing results from a training program, and the best thing about this set of top exercise videos by personal trainer Jody Hendrix is that they're part of a training calendar to help you most effectively stay on track with your workouts. Plus, there is a ton of variety, so you'll continue to shock your muscles and target them with weighted exercise and a major HIIT blast in one.

The workout videos range in duration, with workouts lasting between 10-45 minutes long, but all are based on a "resistance interval plyometric training" method for a fusion of cardio exercise videos with strength training for a full-body workout that hits all the muscle groups in a collection of 14 exercise videos total.

"It's nice to switch it up every once in a while to avoid boredom and an exercise rut, as well as to shock and work your muscles most efficiently by maintaining a variety of workouts," says Shackleton.

Dance is a good form of cardio, where time flies by, and it offers rich variety to help you shock muscles, routinely with use. "These hip hop workouts are a fun way to add new, different movements into your workouts and to learn some new dance moves along the way," he explains.

If you want an effective exercise DVD then Davina has got you, sis. This plan is designed to burn fat and tone muscle. The programme consists of ten workouts that can be tailored to suit your own needs. A promising review: "I love this DVD, Some of it is challenging but it really does work. I do 2 or 3 sections a day and it really is changing the shape of my body."

There is nothing more energising than Joe Wicks telling you to move...The collection includes warm-up and cool-down routines as well as seven HIIT workouts and some nutritional advice. A promising review: " Even with the beginner's workout, my heart rate increases, I'm sweaty at the end of it and my achy muscles are telling me they are having to do some work. Joe is motivational and explains how to do the exercises well. This is the first fitness DVD that I have actually enjoyed doing, and will go back for more as I can feel results from it. Go on, it's only a fiver and it's worth it."

If abs is your target area, you'll love this by Geordie Shore's Charlotte Crosby. Richard Callender from ITV's Biggest Loser devised these 'short, sharp, shock' workouts which help blast fat and build muscle. A promising review: "I'm a big lass, size 24, and it was a pleasant surprise to buy this DVD and find it wasn't simply a chance for Charlotte to ponce about in a bikini. She works in this."

Fit as Ferne is a DVD that has broken down short sharp workouts. Ferne and her trainer Ellie have created a programme focussing on toning, building your core strength and burning fat. A promising review: "This DVD was presented by Ellie and Ferne. Ellie is a great instructor, she explains things really well and cues up each exercise excellently. Ferne is very bubbly and chatty, both are easy to listen to and help you to enjoy doing the exercises."

If you want to tone your butt, belly, and thighs, then try this series of six 20-minute workouts. Led by personal trainer Sarah Kusch, The Toning Transformation from Prevention plan allows you to work out in your home with just a few small weights and an exercise mat.

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This mind to muscle weight training DVD workout will work your body from the bottom up, trimming, toning and shaping your thighs and arms from the top to the back, from the outside to the inside. It will slenderize your hips and back, lift and tighten your chest and buttocks and flatten and trim your midsection, those stubborn areas that demand special attention.

Our NRG MIXES or premixes include three total body workouts and five other premixes varying in length to suit any workout schedule. Each workout consists of balanced muscle training with warm-up and cool-down.

Do your upper body on workout day one for either 15 or 30 minutes - and get sexy and defined chest, triceps, shoulders and bicep muscles with the ultra-fat-burning muscle-defining system. Youll also do supersets within body parts and follow the full pyramid system.

Transform your body with this cellulite meltdown workout and build bone in the bargain. Lift your chest, sculpt your shoulders, mold your biceps and triceps, define and get rid of the fat from your back and get a rock hard stomach. Lift and sculpt your hips, butt and abs and lift, define and shape your thighs. Round out your calves!

This DVD explains Positions of Flexion, a breakthrough mass-building method that has bodybuilders worldwide growing faster than ever and achieving skin-splitting pumps at every workout. See this exciting size-boosting approach in action, apply it to your own workouts and watch mass surge to dramatic new levels in record time.

Positions of Flexion is the revolutionary full-range muscle-training method that can get you bigger faster than ever before. On this brilliant high-resolution DVD you get a POF analysis of every body part, complete with exercise performance tips and tricks and muscle-fiber activation techniques. You'll learn about muscle synergy, the myotatic reflex, continuous tension and target-muscle supercompensation - and it's all demonstrated by contest-ready bodybuilders. It's motivating as well as instructional.

Heres what you get:Critical Arms - Its a shoulder-to-wrist growth blitz that will turn your guns into cannons! A massive set of arms hanging out of a short sleeved shirt gives notice that you pump some serious iron. Build yours to massive proportions with POF.Critical Chest & Delts - See how to sculpt pec perfection and devastating delts. Imagine a full chest with a sharp line under each pec, striations that look like a fireworks display and a deep gash that separates the upper and lower section. And how about a pair of mammoth deltoids capping each clavicle that makes you look as wide as an aircraft carrier? Talk about eye-grabbing physique!Critical Legs & Back - Get shocking size on your back, calves and thighs. The legs and back contain the largest muscles of the body, and you get the most overall mass stimulation when you train these body parts correctly. Now learn the secrets to maximum overall growth and get the ammo to develop your legs into pillars of power, sculpt lats that look like wings and traps that resemble thick slabs of beef. POF is your ticket to maximum muscle!Bonus: 10 Minutes to Granite Abs - If you want to rivet peoples eyes to your physique every time you peel off your shirt, you want phenomenal abdominals. Here are the fastest ab-chiseling routines in the world. All it takes to etch your midsection into a rock-hard work of art is simple twice-a-week workouts with one of the quick, power-packed routines that are demonstrated in this section. Theres even a quick at-home version that you can use to train your abs for maximum sex appeal.


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