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Sebastian Kelly

Visual Boy Advance Skin !!BETTER!! Download

Made for the folks over at, the best GBA forum on the net! There is a 2X size one too, download the 2X one here. This skins is one of my better ones and a lot of work went into it to make is look authentic.

Visual Boy Advance Skin Download

Synthetic-God: Fusion Nice skin by newcomer Synthetic-God, like me he creates good origional designs for his skins and this is no exception. There is also a 2X version downloadable here.

You can download GBA skins from many sources and there are many different types too. Some of the most popular are the Pokémon skins and you can plenty of others at the link above. All of them are free to download and use.

There are several places where you can get free homebrew games for the GB and GBA that are 100% legal to download and try on the emulator. The best source for homebrew games for any console is but there are several other homebrew sites around that offer something similar such as this site specifically for gameboy advance: Here is a small list of free games that are worth trying, if you have more add them to the list!

From the skin selection view, tap the plus button in the top right. A list of views will appear with previews of what they look like. Tap the skin you want, and it'll begin downloading to your device.

Open Safari on your iOS device, and go to any GBA4iOS skins website (such as Find the skin you want, and download it. Once it's downloaded, tap either "Open in GBA4iOS..." or "Open In..." then tap GBA4iOS, and it'll appear for you to select in the skin selection view.

With almost every chat, you'll learn a new word - and be offered a hint as to which piece of Ham-Chat vocab will solve that hamster's heartache. So Oxnard teaches you "Bluhoo" (sad) in the middle of a lament about lost love Pepper; Pepper then tells you how to say "Oopsie" (sorry); and as a result, you can apologise to Oxnard on Pepper's behalf - relationship saved! But not all the puzzles scattered around Ham-Ham Heartbreak's levels - which range from beach to castle to ghost-ridden haunted house - are as simple as that. You'll need to find ways of cheering up blubbing Ham-Hams (hint: banana skins only really have one use...), hook up with Bijou to fix Ham-Ham troubles with hamster double-chat, and learn words that open locked doors, operate slingshots and activate abandoned minecarts. A startling demonstration of the rodent species' advanced problem-solving abilities. Each Ham-Chat word scribbled into your dictionary has its own unique animation - and in a turn of events cute enough to make your eyes leak, you'll engage in hamster-dancing battles with rival Ham-Hams. These 'Ham Jams' are so good, there's a whole sub-game based around them - allowing you to string together moves to ten secret songs that you can DigDig (dig up) or Hif-hif (sniff out) in the main game. Filling your little hamster brain with all that Ham-Chat, and restoring over 20 Ham-Ham loves, will keep you busy for hours.


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