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Julian Noses
Julian Noses

Milf Massage

Skilled in giving relaxing massage treatments, the young man will have to help the busty MILF babe relax, but it seems that using his hands on her back won't be enough, or at least, it won't calm her randiness.

milf massage

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Sarah was a good friend of mine and the mother of a good friend. Sarah had just received her massage therapy license and was looking for clients. She operated out of her home and I agreed that I would give her services a try. I never had a professional massage before and the price was right so I figured 'Why the heck not?'

On the day of the massage she took me upstairs to her massage room and asked me to strip to my boxers and lay down on the table on my stomach. There was relaxing music in the background and the room had very gentle lighting. It was a pretty relaxing atmosphere.

Now I'm not really quite sure what brought it on but as she was massaging my calves and feet, my cock sprung a hard on. It wasn't like she was dressed proactively for the massage or anything. Maybe it was something subconsciously that turned me on when she was doing the foot massage, but it just seemed to have come from nowhere.

As she was continuing her massage I would notice her taking small glances at my stiffy and now I was getting it turned on. She was making it hard for my cock to go soft and it began to escalate even more as after a few seconds her glances were then made at me after her stares at my cock.

The entire experience was kind of strange when I look back at it now. Not because of her sucking me off but because since then we never spoke of it and we don't act 'Weird' when around each other as if nothing ever happened. I've also had a few other massage sessions after that. Nothing else really happened except for a few strokes of my cock with massage oil but nothing more. Even as a swinger, she never tried to invite me in her 'Circles' because I think she knows that I'm not into that whole scene (I'm not). But I'll be honest, if in the future she were to get 'Frisky' again with me, I might decide to get a taste of her as well.

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