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Buy Motion Capture Suit !!EXCLUSIVE!!

Antimicrobial and highly breathable, providing performers with exceptional freedom of movement and comfort over long recording sessions. Our popular X-base markers adhere to the suit extremely well, making them nearly impossible to knock off during performance capture. Full elastic waistband with drawstring eliminates need to use Velcro strips between top and bottom. Includes a Velcro beanie cap, and Velcro attachments for shoes. No returns on wearable items.

buy motion capture suit


Breathable and may be worn over light everyday clothing, markers can be attached to any of the velcro-friendly surfaces for custom marker sets and skeletons. Includes a top and bottom, Velcro beanie cap, extra Velcro for securing the suit, and Velcro attachments for shoes. No returns on wearable items.

MoCap Solutions is considered the premier manufacturer and supplier of all motion capture markers and accessories. With our new custom design, we project that we will quickly become the premier manufacture of motion capture bodysuits.

Our custom new revolutionized motion capture bodysuit is unlike any other. We have completely reinvented the fabric making it more reliable for data tracking and more comfortable for the wearer. We spent two years developing the suit fabric and it is nothing short of perfection.

MoCap Solutions understands that mocap bodysuits are used for different film and game projects. Our goal is to help create custom suits that are perfect for each individual. Your comfort and satisfaction was a large component of our design process. These motion capture suits are, without a doubt, the most comfortable suits ever to grace a mocap stage. Comparable priced, our motion capture suit cost is reasonable and can be shipped directly to you

Our mission at Mocap solutions is to continue to be your premier supplier of motion capture suits, markers and accessories. We promise to continue innovating our designs to ensure we are always providing our customers with the best products in the industry.

Mocap Solutions products are designed and manufactured to exacting specifications. Our suits are made from a fabric that we designed and made ourselves! That means that our Synth-x suits are extremely comfortable and our markers stay affixed to them better than to any other suit in the world.

The Synth-X Suit is so much lighter and more breathable than the old suit and it feels light and more flexible as well. The material is great- super soft. I really like the velcro pants that allow you to tuck the top in- it helps keep things in place. I also like the drawstring to tighten the pants. The sleeve with the thumb holes is SO much more comfortable than the three elastics that used to go around your fingers.

The Synth-X Suit is a uniquely designed Motion Capture suit, built for durable functionality but yet a lightweight second skin that is breathable and dynamic. The four way stretch allows a full range of motion and mobility while keeping its resiliency throughout the day. A truly wonderful suit!

Our motion capture markers are unique in that they are made as a single piece. That means that they don't break or come apart like markers that are "assembled" from several components. We had to develop our own custom compounds in order to achieve this level of performance.

Introduced in the late 1980s, the Data Suit by VPL Research was one of the earliest mo-cap suits in the market. Sensors stitched in the Data Suit were connected by fiber-optic cables to computers that updated the visuals 15 to 30 times a second. The Data Suit was ahead of its time, selling for up to $500,000 for a complete system (along with the EyePhone and the Data Glove).[1]

The PrioVR is mo-cap suit which is available in three versions: the Core which comes with 8 sensors for upper body tracking; the Lite with 12 sensors for full body tracking; and the Pro with 17 sensors which adds for precision with the feet, shoulders and hips.

The Smartsuit Pro by Danish company Rokoko uses an array of 19 embedded 9-degrees of freedom (9-DoF) IMU sensors to capture motion date from the person wearing the suit. This data is used to live stream user movement via WiFi, or record data to input into software such as Unity, Unreal Engine 4, or MotionBuilder.[3][4]

G5 Mocapsuit by AiQ Synertial is a 17-sensor IMU-based motion capture system with an option for 4-sensor 'Pincer Gloves'. Synertial partnered with 'AiQ Smart Clothing' of Taiwan, in 2018, to integrate fabric technology into its suits reducing significant amounts of sensor artefacts. GPS enabled. Sports Motion capture models use an Android app to manage onboard recording to calibrate 'later' as well as live streams data via WiFi & Bluetooth. Compatible with Unity (game engine), Unreal Engine 4, MotionBuilder, Tecnomatix and MocapBeats software plugins. G5 has various 'Cobra' and 'Exo-Glove' options as well as an HTC Vive plugin for root positioning inside a 6 x 6 meter capture space.[7]

When recording animation with the Rokoko Smartsuit, you need to keep your distance from any magnetic sources, since they can cause artifacts with the capture data. The Rokoko Studio software has a visualization of the suits sensors and shows if any of them are getting magnetic interference.

MVN Link full-body motion tracking sensors. It operates on 18 trackers wired sensors that are fitted on the body with a Lycra suit. Link is for full body motion capture. It ensures even more accurate data recording and allows for a further recording range. Additionally, MVN Link features full GNSS support.

This paper describes the design and development of a computer game for instructing an athlete through a series of prescribed rehabilitation exercises. In an attempt to prevent or treat musculoskeletal type injuries along with trying to improve physical performance, athletes are prescribed exercise programmes by appropriately trained specialists. Typically athletes are shown how to perform each exercise in the clinic following examination but they often have no way of knowing if their technique is correct while they are performing their home exercise programme. We describe a system that allows an automatic audit of this activity. Our system utilises ten inertial motion tracking sensors incorporated in a wearable body suit which allows a bluetooth connection from a root hub to a laptop/computer. Using our specifically designed software programme, the athlete can be instructed and analysed as he/she performs the individually tailored exercise programme and a log is recorded of the time and performance level of each exercise completed. We describe a case study that illustrates how a clinician can at a later date review the athletes progress and subsequently alter the exercise programme as they see fit.

Traditionally, motion capture teams have required large spaces that are either purpose-built for a motion capture shoot or retrofitted with large backdrops and lighting grids. This was because accurate movement tracking was dependent on dozens of specialized cameras and an actor that was covered head-to-toe in colored tracking dots that each needed to read on camera.

For facial capture, you probably already have an advanced mocap camera in your pocket. Most current iPhones have a TrueDepth camera that allows them to capture 3D facial features for FaceID and augmented reality filters. You can use this to capture facial performances and pair it with a motion capture app for incredibly accurate renderings.

Blender is an open-source 3D animation software that constantly evolves to be an affordable alternative to expensive 3D animation platforms like Maya and After Effects. It utilizes open-source software to make it highly customizable and has recently become one of the top choices for animators looking to create realistic motion-capture animation.

Diving right in, the Rokoko Smartsuit Pro is one of the most breakthrough motion capture solutions enabling remote motion capture. The Smartsuit Pro is an inertial motion capture suit, which means instead of using cameras looking at dots, it uses special sensors that detect their own position and movement, then transmit that data into special capture software.

What this means is you can use the Rokoko Smartsuit pretty much anywhere, with no need for studio lighting, backdrops, or special cameras to capture its movements. This makes it an ideal and nearly essential tool for any remote mocap work.

The Rokoko Smartsuit Gloves are an accessory to the Rokoko Smartsuit and are nearly as necessary as the suit itself. These allow you to capture nuanced hand movements for added realism and utilize the same inertial motion capture technology.

Preorders for the Mocopi are expected to start in mid-December and will be available through Sony online store. Sony is planning to release the motion capture devices in late January 2023 for about $358.

Very easy for attaching reflective markers, our popular motion capture suit is highly breathable and favored by coaches and athletes around the world. It provides athletes with high levels of comfort and mobility as they perform a range of motions. Securely attached reflective markers are simple to configure on the mocap suit and will stay in place even during rigorous activity.

With eight industry standard Vicon cameras, the movements of actors in special suits with 53 reflectors are recorded in 360 degrees to the precision of two millimeters. Essentially, the motion capture studio marries human movement to an animated figure.

I'm sitting in the back row of The Arena Stage in Hollywood, which is part of the Theatre of Arts School. A large screen is suspended over the stage, just behind two young performers. They're wearing nylon, aviator-style flight suits; cables attached to their heads connect to a hub at the base of their spines.

This is the Smartsuit Pro(Opens in a new window) from Rokoko, a motion capture system company headquartered in Copenhagen, which today announced a partnership with Unity Technologies to provide Unity developers access to Rokoko's Smartsuit Pro and its Motion Library via the Unity Asset Store. 041b061a72


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