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Kernel 2.6.24 (v2.6.24-27) Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600] Service Pack 2; Service Pack 1 [Version 5.1.2600] (Kernel only) Relevant Bug(s): bug 442222 Problem Description: When trying to load or update free software updates (FSPs), the error “Download of software update patches failed” will display. Symptoms: The application fails with the error “Download of software update patches failed” or “Checking for software updates failed”. You may also receive this error when running an application that is accessing the Internet. The following error log entry(s) may be displayed: (0xc0000018) [0x80e5410] Win32 kd> Cause: This problem was caused by an incorrect file permissions on the software update patch file. This may happen when using the WUInstaller.exe utility to install software update patches. Workaround: To avoid this problem, make sure that the installation and patch files have the proper permissions. Then, use the following procedure to download the correct software update patches for your system: Open the Windows Update website on your computer. Select the language and country where you wish to download the software update patches. Note: Make sure to select the correct region, because it may not be possible to download the FSP if your PC is configured to download the FSPs from a different country or region than the one you are currently using. Click the FSP link. A new window may display. Make sure to save the file on your computer. To locate this file, refer to the following list: on the Download tab, point to your FSP. The FSP should be named “FSPName.exe”. where FSPName is the name of your FSP. To determine the name of your FSP, click the My Computer icon in the Windows Update control panel, and then select Properties from the menu. The name of your FSP is displayed in the File Name field of the dialog box. Close the dialog box and press OK. Important Note: The FSP name is the name of the executable file. The executable file



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Autofluid 2009.rar nkunhavg

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