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Lyx Dissertation Template

The files included in this template are: Thesis.lyx The main LyX document. Links to all the front matter, chapters, appendices, and bibliography frontmatter.tex Set title, author, degree information, committee members preface.tex Content for preface acknowledge.tex Text for acknowledgements page ListOfAcronyms.tex

  • Lyx thesis template download. A template for use with Lyx is available here: Top level document is thesis_toplevel.lyx. Modify this document with your own information. Default settings are singled sided and 12 pt font. Change these settings in Document->Settings. · André Miede’s Classic Thesis ported to LyX.

  • I'm a semi-newbie, in that I've used LyX for several years, but have rarely progressed past the use of the 'article' class to write simple humanities papers. I've only ventured into ERT for simple matters such as spacing and formatting. I am about to start writing my dissertation, and up to today I was convinced that I would write it using LyX.

  • (This is not exactly the same as in the template.) If you want the dedication page, do the following: i. Do Insert --> Formatting --> Clear double page ii. Insert --> Formatting --> Vertical space. Choose VFill, check the box for Protect. iii. Write your dedication. iv. Add a second VFill, as step i). v. Insert --> Formatting --> Clear Double page


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