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Real Estate Agents: Expand Your Business. Turn Lost Commissions into Passive Referral Income.

Create a passive stream of income without any investments when you partner with GH Luxe as your Texas Referral Partner.

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90,000 Families are Moving from California to Texas Yearly Resulting in 2 Billion Dollars Lost in Commission Opportunities.

The average cost of living in Texas is 56% less expensive than in California.

90% of these transplants are choosing to relocate to 1 of Texas’s 4 major cities, with Houston at the top of the list. Chances are there’s someone in your network right now who’s thinking about making the move. 

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Effortlessly Cash In On Referral Commissions

Earn thousands of dollars per each referral that converts to a closed transaction.

Leverage our network of qualified and vetted luxury relocation concierges and 5-Star real estate professionals to effortlessly cash in on referral commissions when you refer motivated buyers already interested in moving to Texas.

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Being a Real Estate Agent in California's competitive markets is a challenging task.

We know this from first-hand experience.

With the average home price continually on the rise, it's never been more important to create a competitive advantage for yourself to succeed in a high-stakes market.

Your knowledge of the market and your buyers' needs, paired with the ability to find creative solutions, is your biggest competitive advantage to succeed in today's market.

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Exponentially Increase Your Business.

Gain actionable insights that will help you create a passive revenue stream by leveraging an out-of-state professional network.

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